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Do I need a Single or Dual Flap pet door?
Last Updated: 04/04/2013

Do I need a Single or Dual Flap pet door?

The dual flap version of all Security Boss Manufacturing products will offer you a superior seal as compared to the single flap versions. Dual flap doors create an air barrier between the two flaps that acts as a natural insulating buffer. This insulating effect is beneficial for customers living in extremely warm or cold climates. Protecting yourself fro energy loss can save you large dollars in a short time. The single flap version is popular with customers that do not require any insulation. The single flap version of all Security Boss doors seals more efficiently than other brands due to the high performance materials that are used in fabrication. The single flap versions can therefore, control odors, or even prevent bugs and pests from entering through the door.

The pet doors offered through Security Boss Manufacturing can also be accessorized with "High Wind Extreme Magnets". These high strength magnets can replace existing magnets in your door to create a "wind proof" solution for customers who live in areas of extreme high wind.

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