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The Best Pet Doors by Design

Security Boss Manufacturing LLC was started in response to a void in the pet door market. There has always been a large selection of lower end, utility pet doors and very few higher end or high performance models. The few models that positioned themselves as better performing doors were simply priced higher, but not necessarily 'higher performance models'. It was into this void that the designers at Security Boss began to formulate the MaxSeal lines of doors. These models use the highest gauge of materials to make a unit that will not only provide a superior barrier to the outdoors, but provide optimal security.

Our goals were to excel in the following areas:
Best Sealing Pet Door
The MaxSeal utilizes superior strength alnico magnets strategically positioned at critical points along the perimeter of each flap to maintain positive closer while allowing ease of use by any pet. A specially selected brush pile material was selected to line the perimeter of the flap in-between the magnets. This weather stripping forms and fills next to the flap edge so that there are no drafts or air leakage.

Best Insulating Design
The dual flap MaxSeal models emulate the very best in insulating design among pet door styles. The reason for this is due to the air space created by two individual flaps. The insulating effect is much greater than any insulated rigid flap regardless of the design or filler material; due to the transfer of cold through a solid material. This insulating effect is even greater in the wall models because the distance between the flaps is greater than in door models.

Unequaled Security
The MaxSeal model pet doors feature a unique slide in locking security panel. This panel utilizes several key materials to form a rigid, impact resistant, insulating barrier to the outside. This composite design allows for extreme temperatures outside while harnessing the warmth and comfort indoors. The superior insulating design also allows for unequaled strength. These carefully selected layers when together offer incredible impact resistance. Unlike most pet door locking covers that can be kicked in or easily broken, the MaxSeal Security Panel can withstand aggressiveness like no other. Finally, when you slide in our security panel, you get a similar feeling as if you were closing a heavy car door. ; The fit and permanence of the panel portrays a sense of permanence found in no other pet door product.

We wanted to create a locking panel for our pet door that we would feel comfortable going on vacation....and not worrying about who is entering our homes.
We feel that we accomplished this goal...and then some.

Philosophy of Quality
We attempt to design and manufacture all of our doors with the highest goals of quality. This desire is also reflected in our support of our products. Our pledge is that if any Security Boss Pet Door customer has a problem or needs assistance with their product, we will make every attempt to rectify or correct the situation. After all, these are the same doors you will find in our homes.

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